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Photoshop Elements - Tips, tutorials and advice

Welcome! to! All the Photoshop Elements tips and tutorials you can imagine, right here for you.

(And if it's not here yet, I'll put it here! Just ask!).

Whether you've used Photoshop for years, or if you've just picked up your first copy, there are techniques here for you. For example:

Starting Out
If you've never used Photoshop Elements before, learn about The Basics. Get to grips with the tools Photoshop Elements provides, so you can get editing straight away!

Starting Out in Photoshop Elements
I'm certainly not perfect, and I'm willing to bet that you aren't either. That means you've probably got photos that you'd love to enhance and improve, so find out how!

Enhancing in Photoshop Elements
There are thousands of ways to share your photos with other people, ranging from photo albums to flip books! Discover interesting and creative ways to use your photos to their full potential!

Creating in Photoshop Elements
Something From Nothing
Perhaps you use Photoshop Elements to create artwork from scratch? See new styles and techniques in action, and benefit from the great resources available here, such as my Free Photoshop Brushes.

Something From Nothing in Photoshop Elements
If digital art is your thing, then is your place. Look around, explore for yourself. If there's anything you can't find, or an article you'd like to see on the site, then get in touch using my Contact Form.

Explore the Site!
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Free Monthly Photoshop Elements Newsletter

Here are just some of my most recent articles:

Divider Adobe Photoshop Student Editions

Adobe's educational pricing is surprisingly complicated. Use these interactive steps to find out whether you can save money on Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, or CS4 with Adobe Student Editions

Divider Photoshop vs Photoshop Elements

It's a long standing question - which should I buy, Photoshop or Elements? We finally shed some light on the Photoshop vs Elements battle...

Divider Photoshop Elements Training

Watch 10 free training videos, and find out about some fantastic Photoshop Elements Training that won't break the bank...

Divider Image Quality Explained

DPI, PPI, Pixels, Resolution, Image Size, Document Size, Print Size, Quality, Argghhhhh! Find out what all these terms mean, and get the big picture on Image Quality.

Divider Paper Textures

Get high and ultra-high resolution paper textures, for use as backgrounds, or anywhere else!

Divider Selective Colorization

Selective Colorization is a long and fancy name for a great photographic technique that's easy to do! Be sure to find out how...

Divider Calligraphy Brushes

Get free and easy to use hand-made calligraphy in my Photoshop calligraphy brush set.

Divider Ribbon Brushes

Get wrapping and tying with my ribbon brush set.

Divider Easy Jigsaw Maker

Try out my new Easy Jigsaw Maker, for making puzzle images to use anywhere and everywhere. There's also a Short Video Tutorial to help you get started.

Divider Seamless Textures

Download 80 free seamless textures for use wherever you like.

Divider Cheap Ink Cartridges

Find out how I save money, by buying printer ink cartridges cheaply.


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