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Adobe Photoshop Student

Five key steps to understanding Adobe Photoshop CS4 Student Discount...

Click to Get Adobe Photoshop Student Discount
Adobe have done students a BIG favour with Adobe Photoshop Student Editions. They’re giving away Photoshop CS4 Extended, and even the entire Creative Suite 4 package, with 80% off. There are also discounts available for Photoshop Elements 8.

Normally Photoshop CS4 Extended costs $1000, but with an 80% student discount, it’ll cost you $199. You could save even more on an Adobe CS4 student edition bundle.

But are you eligible?

Adobe's website is a bit of a maze to say the least ... find your five step interactive map below:

Step 1: Understand that there are four Adobe Student ranges

There are four kinds of student software that Adobe provide, which can be very confusing:
  • The 'Adobe Academic Software' or 'Adobe Educational Software' range enables students, faculty and institutions to buy all Adobe software at a discounted academic price
  • The 'Adobe Student Editions' range is a particularly generous discount on selected products for students in higher education
  • The 'Adobe Volume Licensing' scheme allows institutions to provide selected Adobe software at even greater discounts when buying many licenses
  • The 'Adobe Student Licensing' scheme allows participating institutions to sell Adobe software to their students and faculty at volume licensing level prices
To further complicate things, there are lots of different schemes for volume licensing, all with very similar names. We won't talk more about the details of these here, but if you want to find out more, these are the two most useful pages about Adobe Volume Licensing:

The most advertised range recently is the Adobe Student Editions range. Adobe describes them as follows:
Student Editions are full versions of the latest industry-standard software from Adobe priced at a huge discount for higher education students. A higher education student is defined as a full- or part-time student enrolled at an accredited public or private university or college (including community, junior, or vocational college) that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study.
It also adds that:
Student Editions are available through the Education Store on or through an Adobe Authorized Education Reseller. Students may purchase only one license of any Adobe Student Edition product for use only on their privately owned computer. Student Edition products may not be resold.
All the Adobe CS4 student editions contain either Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended student edition or Adobe Photoshop CS4 student edition.

Step 2: Consider what kind of student, faculty member or institution you are

  Student Faculty Institution
Higher Education
K-12 (Primary and secondary education)

Step 3: Check whether your institution provides Adobe Student Licensing

If you think your educational institution provides Adobe Student Licensing, then you can check using this link:

Check my Institution

If they do, this will likely be the cheapest way for you to buy Adobe software. You can find out more about the Student Licensing scheme in general here.

Step 4: Decide which product from which range you want to buy

Please note: All prices on this page are in US dollars, and are subject to change. The Adobe website will give the most up-to-date price. All prices quoted here are for full editions - you might be able to save even more with Adobe CS4 student upgrade editions.

Licensing Type Student Licensing Student Editions Academic Software
Your Choice
Price Best Price Fantastic Price Good Price
Eligibility Few People Eligible More People Eligible Many People Eligible
Software Range Wide Range Available Small Range Available All Software Available
More Information Here Here Here

Step 5: Check whether you're eligible and provide proof to Adobe

Finally, you'll need to check whether you're definitely eligible, and provide proof to Adobe that you do indeed qualify for an Adobe Photoshop Student edition. Adobe state that you need one of the following to prove your educational status:
  • Clear, readable copies of the following documents: A current, valid photo ID and evidence of current enrollment at or employment by an educational entity (such as a school photo ID card that includes date validating current status)
  • School photo ID or driver's license or other official photo identification with corroborating evidence, including but not limited to: faculty or staff paycheck stub; student course schedule or tuition bill with a valid date, printed with the educational entity logo or seal; official letter from the registrar of the educational entity
  • For K–12 students only: When appropriate identification is not available, an official letter from a teacher at the educational entity verifying the student's right to order academic software
  • Other identification as permitted by Adobe from time to time by posting a list of such appropriate identification on its website
You can click here to get further details on how to check and prove your eligibility.

Adobe student discounts provide a great benefit to all those students who couldn't normally afford to buy this great software. Hopefully this page has helped you to explore more easily whether you can take advantage of these great offers.

Kind Regards

Robert Redwood Robert Redwood - Bio
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