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Disable Adobe Photo Downloader

Stop that pop-up!

It wasn't until I connected my digital camera up, after installing Photoshop Elements, that I realised quite how many extras this program has. Low and behold, before my eyes appeared the Adobe Photo Downloader.

Now to begin with, I didn't argue with this. But then I plugged in my USB mass storage card, a little pen drive containing only music, no pictures. Up popped the Adobe Photo Downloader to bravely step in and download all my music to some place or other for me.

Now I've nothing against add-ons, they all have their place, and can be very useful for some people, but if it doesn't work sensibly, it can just become annoying. So I decided I needed to deactivate this feature. If you'd like to do the same, you're in the right place.

The Adobe Photo Downloader is shown below:

Adobe Photo Downloader

Navigate to the Organizer Preferences Screen

You can easily navigate to this Preferences section using menus from both the main Photoshop Elements Editor, or from the Organizer itself.

To get there from the Editor, click:
Edit - Preferences - Organize & Share

To get there from the Organizer, click:
Edit - Preferences - General

Changing the Setting

Once you're in the Preferences section, click the item that reads 'Camera or Card Reader' in the left hand list. You'll see a new set of options on the right hand side, which hopefully look something like this:

Disable Adobe Photo Downloader

To disable Adobe Photo Downloader, un-tick the check box that reads 'Use Adobe Photo Downloader to get photos from Camera of Card Reader'.

If you ever want to enable Adobe Photo Downloader again, just return here are re-tick the same box.

Multiple Versions of Photoshop Elements

Do you have multiple versions of Photoshop Elements? There is one important extra step for you. You must un-tick this box in all the versions of Photoshop Elements which are Version 3 or later. Photoshop Elements 1 and 2 did not feature the Adobe Photo Downloader, but if you have for example versions 3 AND 4, then you must disable this option in both programs.

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Kind Regards

Robert Redwood Robert Redwood - Bio
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