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Download Free Photoshop Brushes


Download Free Photoshop Brushes

Sick of endless searching?

I've heard so many people complain about downloading free brushes for Photoshop from the internet. After all, it can be a pretty tedious job!

You see the problem is that brushes have become so popular that people have started to put all kinds of things on the web under that banner, and it's very difficult to find real, good quality brushes anywhere anymore!

This page aims to solve that problem for you once and for all!

You see, I've been there - I know how frustrating it can be! In fact, I've looked for hours through pages and pages of rubbish, just to make this page for you! My hope is that you'll never need to do that searching yourself with the help of my guide.

How I Made This List

The sites on this list were hand-picked by me from over 500 sites claiming to offer free Photoshop brushes! Let me show you the criteria I used when judging which ones should make the grade...

FREE Brushes - Only sites that really do deliver brushes for free have been included here. Sites that require payment have been automatically excluded. Some sites may suggest a donation, but will not demand any payment.

QUALITY of Brushes - Sites that deliver low quality brushes have been excluded.

QUANTITY of Brushes - Quality is more important than quantity, but sites with very few brushes have been excluded.

Ease of Navigation - The whole point of this page is to stop you searching for brushes! Sites that hide brushes away, or are difficult to navigate through have been excluded.

You may be thinking "There'll be no sites left!", but trust me, I've been this selective for a reason. After all, you deserve only the highest quality sites!

Bottom line? You won't find that I've filled this page with hundreds of sub-standard sites just to look like I'm offering more. These are only the links that I feel are quality resources.


I must give one important caution. These sites are NOT regulated by me, and I cannot be held in ANY WAY responsible for the content of the sites which are linked to below.

If you find that any of the content seems unacceptable or offensive, then use my Contact Form to notify me and I will personally investigate the link. You can also notify me using the contact form if you find any of the links are broken, and I will remove them.

Where I indicate the size of a resource or the amount of brush sets it contains, this figure is taken from the time of writing.

Download Links for Free Photoshop Brushes

Link Description Rank (10)
Massive Top Quality Brush Collection Over 350 fantastic brush sets, categorised into 16 well defined categories. The site is impeccably organised and very accessible. The brushes are again from a variety of different authors, but all hosted locally, with full-set preview images. Added to constantly. Top marks! 10
Enormous Collection of Smaller Brush Sets Over 500 tightly focussed smaller brush sets, categorised into 22 categories. The site is also very well organised. The brushes are from a variety of different authors, but all hosted directly on the site and quick to download, with good preview images. Updated regularly. 10
High Quality Photographic Brushes 43 high resolution brush sets containing photographic quality images. All these sets are made by a very experienced Photoshop user, and reflect that experience and skill. The brushes are spread over several pages of the download section. 10
Artistic Brushes 85 brush sets of stunning artistic quality, showing a real flare for design. Tutorials available showing how to best use some brush sets. 9
Eye-Catching Brushes 30 magnificent brush sets, that are both eye-catching and incredibly well made. I was compelled to try every set. 9
Massive Collection of Brush Sets 190 brush sets, many of which are on topics which are complex and difficult to cover. The brushes are indexed here and download links to are provided. Would rank at 10, except navigation is slightly clumsy. 8
Wide Variety of Brushes 80 tightly focussed brush sets spread over a wide variety of topics. 7
Well Known High Quality Brushes A reasonably well known website containing more than 55 high quality brush sets over a wide range of subjects. 7
Simple Symbolic Brushes 4 particularly large brush sets containing 175 brushes in all. They are stylised in nature, like symbols or logos. They range in subject from Celtic imagery through abstract art, to nature and miscellaneous topics. 7
Particularly Well Made Brushes 24 truly original and beautifully sculpted brush sets. 6
Cartoon Styled Brushes 23 cartoon styled brush sets over a range of themes. The page will take a while to load and is in a foreign language, but I thought the brushes deserved inclusion even so. 6
Mostly Life-Based Brushes 40 brush sets covering a range of slightly darker topics. 5

Links to Free Photoshop Brush Libraries

Link Description
Massive Library of Brushes This is a massive library of Photoshop brushes made by members of the deviantART community, and contains over 13,000 brush sets covering every theme imaginable. The usage rights on the brushes vary between author.
Growing Brush Library A growing brush library with a particularly good quality selection of brushes from many well respected designers. Around 140 brush sets in all.
Large Library of Brushes A large library of over 70 very impressive brush sets. If you want to download the brushes you'll have to complete their free registration, but if there's something you particularly want on there you may decide it's worth the time.

Links to Free Photoshop Brush Search Engines

Link Description
Large Brush Library and Brush Search Engine Over 160 high quality brush sets available for free download, and a brush search engine to help find brushes on a specific topic.
Small Brush Search Engine A smaller brush search engine which manages a library of around 30 brush sets.

A Photoshop Brush Site Directory

If you haven't found what you need by now, I have also provided the link to a directory of over 125 brush sites. Beware though, many of the brush sites featured are much lower quality than the links featured above. Use this Large Brush Site Directory as a last resort.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide to downloading high quality, free Photoshop brushes has been a useful resource to you. It took a long time to compile, but I hope it will save many people many hours of searching for brushes in vain.

The final brush resource I would like to mention is my own. You can Download Free Photoshop Brushes from, and I will be adding brush sets regularly, so check back later to find further brush sets.

If you have found the guide useful, why not subscribe to my Free Monthly Newsletter for news of more guides and articles.

If you have any comments or queries, or wish to report a fault with any of the links I have provided, then do please drop me a line using my Contact Page, and help me keep this working smoothly as a valuable resource.

Kind Regards

Robert Redwood Robert Redwood - Bio
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A guide to downloading Free Photoshop Brushes

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