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Drawing a Straight Line

Simple tips to keep simple things simple...

I have often been asked about drawing techniques in Photoshop Elements. Many people find that they can easily edit or manipulate existing images, but have difficult creating new ones.

One very useful tip that I was able to supply concerns drawing a straight line when using the pencil or brush tool. It's something that we often need to do, but it can be hard without these valuable shortcuts.

If you hold the Shift key as you draw with either tool, all the marks you make will remain in a straight line with the original point at which you started drawing. This can be a vertical or horizontal line depending on which direction you initially move the tool in.

Experiment with pressing and releasing the Shift key at different points during the same click-and-drag movement to see exactly how this works.

Another method, which can be used to draw multiple connected straight lines, is a point-to-point method. This technique allows the straight lines to be in any direction, not just horizontal or vertical.

Click once on the image, where you want the line (or lines) to start. Then hold the Shift key, and click in various other place on the image, and Photoshop will draw lines between the points at which you click.

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