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Photoshop Bubble Brush Set

Bright bubbling brushes...

A bubble is just another one of those really, really cool ideas that mankind tries to recreate from nature. After all, we invented the bubble bath, but the world was there first with frothing waterfalls.

We send our children to blow soap bubbles so they can enjoy the impressive color display. Just take a look at the 'Bubble Nebula', the universe's idea of a pretty bubble!

Bubble Nebula

Naturally, you might wish to mimic these beautiful objects in your artwork, but as I discovered very recently, they're VERY difficult to draw!

Hopefully my bubble brush set brings something of a bubble's beauty to your fingertips, even if they don't compare to the real thing. You might be surprised at how far you can get using them as a starting point.

Some of the brushes depict cartoon bubbles, allowing for that simple touch. Others aim to be more photographic in their nature. I find that both kinds have their uses in different situations.

The examples shown below illustrate a few of the brushes from the set, and each took just a few minutes to create.

Bubble Brush Set Example 1

Bubble Brush Set Example 2

Bubble Brush Set Example 3

One important note: Because brushes are essentially grayscale, and do not have any color 'built in' so to speak, these brushes only really do half the job for you. To achieve the effects that colored bubbles show, try this:

Take a transparent layer, and using black, draw a bubble on it. Then on a separate transparent layer in the same place, start using one of the default brushes to create large patches of vivid colors. Be random! Red, yellow, purple, blue, green, yellow, throw them all in!

Then, when the whole area is covered in randomly shaped patches, use a reasonably strong Gaussian Blur to blend the colors into one large haze, so that no clear borders are visible, but the colors are still definitely separate. I find a radius in the region of 30 pixels works well.

Once you have done this, change the layer style of the colored layer. You can experiment with different settings, but two that almost always work well are 'Color Burn' and 'Overlay'.

This is just one way to achieve more realistic colored effects using these bubble brushes. The two large, middle bubbles shown above in my examples were created using this technique.

I hope you find this Photoshop Bubble Brush Set useful. Any comments or questions can be submitted via my contact page.

Download the brush set from my Download Center.

I hope you enjoy these free bubble brushes!

Kind Regards

Robert Redwood Robert Redwood - Bio
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