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Photoshop Leaf Brush Set

For your greener artistic side...

Almost everybody enjoys a nice rural scene, with the countryside stretching out before them. It's always the forests that really make it for me. They have something very soothing and calm about them.

Of course most trees would be nothing without the leaves that line their branches, and this free set of leaf brushes is devoted to the simple, elegant leaf. It's part of a larger set of foliage brushes which will be appearing on this site part by part, so check out my other nature brush sets.

Because leaves are often used in various contexts, I have tried to make the brushes useful in a variety of settings. As well as including many photographic leaf brushes, I have also created many leaves in a 'cartoon' style. These less detailed brushes can easily be used in backgrounds or publications, where their 'sketched' style helps them to blend in seamlessly.

Two example pictures are shown below, both made in just a few minutes using the brush set.

Leaf Brush Set Example

Leaf Brush Set Example

I hope you find these brushes useful, and they help you wherever you decide to put them to use. Any comments can be submitted via my contact page.

Download the brush set from my Download Center.

I hope you enjoy these free leaf brushes!

Kind Regards

Robert Redwood Robert Redwood - Bio
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