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Photoshop Music Brush Set

Music is the voice of the soul...

Music is a fascinating subject. Some of the greatest works of art have been with pianos instead of paint brushes! Bringing music into art seems like a natural progression, so that is what this music brush set was designed to help you do!

Please let me say from the start, that these are not meant to be professional sheet music creation aids. The music brushes definitely don't include everything you would need to print professional sheet music, but they do offer the depth and range needed to create original music themed artwork.

There are around 75 brushes in all, so it's the largest set I've produced yet. Many are small symbols, but there are some larger brushes depicting entire sheet music sections, for that 'fuller' look you sometimes need for backgrounds.

The examples below were created in just under five minutes each using the brush set.

Music Brush Set Example 1

Music Brush Set Example 2

I hope you find much inspiration and fun in these brushes, and they help create great art. Any questions or comments can be submitted using my contact page.

Download the brush set from my Download Center.

I hope you enjoy these free music brushes!

Kind Regards

Robert Redwood Robert Redwood - Bio
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