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Photoshop Polaroid Brush

Give your photos that 'snapshot' look...

Polaroid Brush Set Example 1
Polaroid instant cameras are mostly a thing of the past now, a collectors item in many people's eyes.

This is in some ways hardly surprising though, when you consider the unconventional picture size, the specific temperature range required for use, and the fact that each picture can take between 2 minutes and 24 hours to develop!

Often though, the design of a Polaroid photo can still be fun to include in artwork, especially in scrap-book or photo-album creations. So I've created a Photoshop Polaroid brush to help you do this very easily!

I've tried to make these Polaroid brushes as versatile as possible, so that you can create several different effects with them, and use them in whatever context you would like.

Scatter multiple snaps over eachother for a collage, or add captions to pictures to make up a photo album. Add a drop shadow to give that 3D look, even print out a Polaroid of someone special for your wallet!

The examples below show a couple of these ideas, each created in about five minutes with these Polaroid brushes.

Polaroid Brush Set Example 3

Polaroid Brush Set Example 2

I wish you many happy creations with this Photoshop Polaroid Brush Set. If you have any comments or questions then go ahead and use my contact page to get in touch.

Download the brush set from my Download Center.

I hope you enjoy these free Polaroid brushes!

Kind Regards

Robert Redwood Robert Redwood - Bio
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