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Photoshop Tips

For those little essentials...

Photoshop Elements is a complex program, with hundreds of commands, endless shortcuts, and seemingly INFINITE functionality! These great Photoshop tips not only save you having to remember every one of those shortcuts, but deliver great time saving techniques for every occasion. Lock some of those repetitive tasks away for good!

The tips are divided into two main sections. Some explain shortcuts to carry out long operations without traversing endless menu systems, and cut 20 clicks down to 2. Other tips explain techniques that will save you from long-winded processes, and repetitive operations. These are great to tuck away for future reference.


Disable the Welcome Screen

The Maximize Compatibility Notice

Disable the Adobe Photo Downloader

Size and Hardness Shortcuts

The Double Document View

Fast Document Switching


Easy Circular Selection

Drawing a Straight Line

Disable the Photoshop Transparency Checkerboard

Reset Tools

Save Selection

Print Selection

Align Objects

Batch Processing Techniques

If there are any tips that YOU know of, that aren't listed here, get in touch. Or if there was one of those boring jobs that you turned into a snap somehow, tell me about it. By sharing that knowledge with others, everyone benefits. Just fill out my contact form to let me know.

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